The Best Bowling Alley in Greeley, Colorado

The Best Bowling Alley in Greeley, Colorado

There’s a lot to love about sports, especially here in Greeley. UNC has an excellent athletics program (Go Bears!), including basketball, baseball, football, and more. College basketball games are my favorite. The fire on the court is unmatched, even by the pros.

But there’s another sport I love that’s even more family-friendly—one that you don’t have to make a career out of—and that’s bowling.

Bowling is low-impact, affordable, and a ton of fun, especially during the winter months, when it’s too cold for outdoor sports.

And the best thing about bowling?

Jackson Dienes, one of the owners of Highland Park Lanes here in Greeley, loves that it’s a true lifetime sport. Anyone can enjoy it, regardless of their age—and it’s best enjoyed together.

Highland Park Lanes is a fantastic place to join a league, meet up with friends, celebrate a birthday, or spend a family night out. They attract skilled bowlers, those who use the gutters as a lane, and everyone in between. I go for the upbeat atmosphere and, of course, the snack bar.

Jackson’s grandpa built and opened Highland Park Lanes in the summer of 1992, and it’s been in the family ever since. I think bowling must be in their blood.

No lie: Jackson’s grandpa was the 1991 USBC Open Nationals Bowling Champion, and Jackson himself owned Bowlarado on 10th for a while in the ‘80s. (Does anyone remember that place? So cool.) It’s safe to say that the Dienes family knows their stuff about the sport. I can’t recommend their place highly enough.

As usual, this isn’t an ad. I’m just a realtor here in Greeley who loves spotlighting our local business owners. If you haven’t paid a visit to Highland Park (and met Jackson), add it to your list of fun family activities to try! You won’t be disappointed.