The Best Pumpkin Patches in Greeley, Colorado

The Best Pumpkin Patches in Greeley, Colorado

Ahhh, fall. It’s pumpkin season in every way… from pumpkin spice everything to porch decor to the always-popular pumpkin patch outing.

(I’m sorry, but wouldn’t it be hysterical if we did this with other types of produce? Like, what if, once a year, we all got together in a carrot patch and just went to town? Dirt flying, rabbits scurrying away, everyone loading bunches of carrots into their cars to… shred them, I guess? Carving a carrot sounds pretty futile. But I digress.)

Picking a pumpkin patch is a lot like picking your pumpkin once you get there. So many options! Do you want small or large? Traditional or unique? The Greeley area has a variety to choose from, so no matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got it covered.

One of my favorite local pumpkin patches is at Tigges Farm. The Tigges family has farmed here in Greeley for three generations, and their deep roots make this a special place to visit. Grab a wagon, breathe in some fresh country air, and meander toward the fields. With more than 15 acres to explore, you can search as long as it takes to find your perfect pumpkin and fall photo ops. You can also pick sunflowers, purchase local produce at their stand, and take home some of their legendary fresh-roasted chilies. Plus, check out the special events scheduled throughout the season, including food trucks, wagon rides, a petting zoo, and even a unicorn visit. My family loves the relaxing, welcoming atmosphere that the Tiggeses have cultivated over the years.

Another pumpkin patch I enjoy is at Miller Farms, where you can hop on a hayride pulled by a tractor and bump along to the 180 acres of fields. Search the winding vines for the perfect pumpkin amidst all sizes, shapes, and varieties. Don’t forget to pick some Indian corn and a gourd or two as well! And then, after you’ve bagged up your bounty and dusted yourself off, there are lots of other activities to keep you and your family busy, including climbing on farm equipment, riding peddle tractors, and checking out the abundance of produce at the roadside stand.

Now, if you want to do all the fall things in a carnival-style atmosphere, Fritzler Farm Park is your place. They are best known for their extensive corn mazes that always have intricate designs. They look amazing from an aerial view and are fun and challenging to navigate on foot. (I admit I’ve gotten lost in the sea of cornstalks over the years.) At night, the maze becomes Scream Acres and draws huge crowds of scare-seekers. But during the day, you can launch pumpkins from cannons, ride a barrel train, and shoot gel beads at targets from an old school bus. My wife and I love all the fall photo ops around the park, especially the pumpkin house, where the framed-in structure is filled with pumpkins. And of course, they have a giant patch loaded with pumpkins galore, so you can pick the perfect one or a whole wagon full of them. Whichever activities you pick, Fritzler Farm Park is sure to help you make some fun fall memories.

Finally, for pumpkin hunting with a view, don’t miss Hankins Farms. It’s tucked away in a little valley on the way to Johnstown. The mountain view provides a beautiful backdrop for pumpkin picking and enjoying the autumn sunshine. And the pumpkin patch is an absolute treasure trove. They have the most gigantic, bright orange pumpkins I’ve ever seen. The field is also full of unique mini and knucklehead pumpkins (the kind with bumps). Plus, there are two corn mazes, farm mysteries to solve, zombies to hunt (with a corn cannon), peddle bikes, and drinks to enjoy in the shade of the cottonwoods.

Like I said, if you need pumpkins, Greeley has them in spades. Just make sure there’s room in your trunk before you head out for some fall fun!