The Perfect Valentine’s Day in Greeley, Colorado

The Perfect Valentine's Day in Greeley, Colorado

Until I was married, I (like many people) considered Valentine’s Day a ridiculous Hallmark holiday. I mean, didn’t your elementary school years ruin it for you?

In third grade, my teacher made me and my classmates create “mailboxes” from old shoeboxes and colored paper. We were then forced to exchange gaudy valentines, printed with puppies and kittens and the ever-cringe phrase, “Be mine.”

I know you had to do this, too. And if you’re anything like me, it still makes your skin crawl.

Didn’t the whole celebration feel a little… forced? You know… because it was?

I literally dreaded Valentine’s Day until I met my wife, Megan. It’s still not my favorite holiday, but she’s my favorite human, and I’ll take any excuse to show my love and appreciation for her.

If you’re in the Greeley area this Heart Day and haven’t made plans yet, don’t worry. As a resident, realtor, and husband, I’ve developed a go-to recipe for Valentine’s success that supports our small business community.

And yes, it starts with chocolate.

The chocolates from Voulez-Vous Bonbon are unbeatable. Not only do they taste incredible, but they’re also beautiful (like, full-fledged art beautiful). If you ask Megan, it’s love at first taste.

Anna Martinez, the owner, is a professional chocolatier with a background in art, fashion, and photography. Her delectable creations are a testament to her passion and dedication. She literally hand-paints each bonbon with colored cocoa butter, making them almost too beautiful to eat… almost. Plus, her flavors are always unique and indulgent. Be sure to preorder your Valentine’s Day box because Anna’s chocolate is in high demand!

Next up: flowers.

My favorite local flower shop is Mariposa Plants & Flowers. Family-owned and operated, they create stunning floral arrangements for every occasion.

Some practical advice regarding Valentine’s bouquets? Order early. This season is crazy-busy for florists, so don’t wait until the last minute to contact Mariposa. If you want to surprise your significant other at the office, place your order well in advance so your special delivery arrives on time!

Alternatively, for a gift that keeps on giving, check out Mariposa’s storefront. They have tons of houseplants (and other local creations) available for purchase.

And finally, no Valentine’s Day plan is complete without dinner reservations. Restaurant wait times can be off the rails, so snag your spot at Meeker’s in advance. (There’s a pattern forming here…)

Meeker’s celebrates Heart Day in style, featuring three courses, champagne, and a rose delivered to your table (bonus points = acquired). All of their dishes are made using locally sourced ingredients, and the modern ambiance of the restaurant makes it my go-to choice for a romantic evening.

(Fun fact: Meeker’s is named after a Greeley founder and agriculturist, Nathan Meeker. It’s located in the DoubleTree Hotel downtown.)

Yeah, Valentine’s Day sucked as a kid—but it can be pretty great as a grown-up in Greeley. Get your orders and reservations in now and make this holiday one to remember.