Celebrate Mother’s Day in Greeley, Colorado

Celebrate Mother's Day in Greeley, Colorado

I’m a big fan of holidays — Thanksgiving, Christmas, Independence Day — but Mother’s Day just hits different.

Moms are real-life superheroes. So, while Mother’s Day is one of those weird Hallmark holidays, my kids and I do everything we can to make it special for my wife, Megan. She gives so much to us, and it’s important to me that we give back to her.

One of my top Mother’s Day priorities is making sure Megan doesn’t step one toe into the kitchen, so before I plan anything else, I make sure we have brunch reservations.

We have lots of restaurant options here in Greeley, but some of our brunch favorites include Austin’s American Grill (the name says it all), Pellegrini (excellent Italian food), and Pinnochio’s PRIME (one word: steak). Keep in mind that all three of these places book up on holidays, so get your reservations in early!

Another Mother’s Day staple is, of course, flowers. My kids love handing Megan a big bunch of roses, tulips, or daisies in the morning. It’s a small thing that says “I love you” in a big way.

If flowers are on your list, too, check out Erickson’s Stargazer Floral. They’ve been around since 1912 (you read that right), and they offer both in-person and online ordering.

Alternatively, if you’d rather plant your own flowers or even a tree on Mom’s behalf, head to Eaton Grove Nursery, just a few miles outside of Greeley’s city limits. Not only is this place gorgeous, but it’s also gigantic. Eaton Grove is a certified paradise for gardeners and landscape designers, complete with 14 greenhouses and a botanical garden atmosphere. Sometimes, we bring Megan to the nursery to choose her own flowers, trees, or shrubs, and she loves it!

Now, let’s be real: good food and pretty flowers don’t always cut it (no pun intended). Sometimes, what Mom needs is a good old-fashioned margarita. For that, you want the Rio Grande. It’s a fantastic TexMex spot here in the city, and they have a beautiful patio space to enjoy. Their legendary margaritas are delicious (and strong. You know they’re good when they have a dedicated menu).

No matter Mom’s preferences, Greeley allows you to celebrate her in style. Cheers to the mothers in your life!